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The MIT Enterprise Forum of Texas (Houston) was formed in 1984.  We are one of 21 worldwide chapters associated with MIT and MIT Technology Review Magazine.  Our members are leaders in their industries who dedicate their time and talent to support the Houston community with world-class Flagship Programs, to support Entrepreneurs, and to create great networking opportunities.  In particular, we offer 7 Flagship Programs, 7 New Venture Clinics, and 3 Networking Socials per year.  




The Story of Creating and Growing Mustang Engineering with founder Bill Higgs

February 09, 2016
5:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Rice University, McNair Hall
6100 Main Street
Houston, TX 77005

The Amazing Success Story of a Company with a Unique Company Culture that Accomplished the Impossible



and Announcements


    The 2016 Economic Business Forecast Luncheon at the Federal Reserve on Jan 13 was sold out but you can still see the slides presented by John Duca (VP from the Federal Reserve) and Kim Fraser Chase (Senior Economist from BBVA Compass) below:

1) John Duca Presentation-2016

2) Kim Fraser Chase Presentation-2016 




If you missed it, Click below to see the fascinating video of Rusty Schweickert and Ed Lu talk about Detecting and Deflecting Asteroids on a Collion course with Earth and the geopolitical implications (October 21, 2015 MITEF Flagship Program).   



Videos of the April 28 MITEF/BioHouston Flagship Program on the Advances in DNA Testing and the Impact on Genealogy and Anthropology are now available:

1) Bennett Greenspan discussing the Technology

2) Russ Capper Interviewing Bennett Greenspan, the founder of Family Tree DNA

3) Bennett Greenspan answering questions from the audience




MIT Professor Donald Sadoway was fantastic.  The video of the February 18th program on Development of a Revolutionary Liquid Metal Battery for Storing Electricity on the Grid is available now:








In case you missed Mark Finley's comprehesive and informative presentation on the BP Energy Outlook of the World through 2035  at the October 8 MITEF Flagship, you can read the BP Report at






  Videos of the Nov 12 Flagship Program on "Advances in Modeling Weather and Climate" with a panel of world class experts are available at the following links:

1)  Part 1  -- Introductions
2)  Part 2 -- Overiew by John Nielsen-Gammon
3)  Part 3 -- The improving accuracy of weather predictions --  Istvan Szunyough
4)  Part 4 -- Effects of the ocean on weather and climate modeling -- Ramalingnam Saravanan
5)  Part 5 -- Effects of land on predicting weather -- Robert Dickinson
6)  Part 6 -- Examing Climate change in the last 100,000 years and being able to predict  it -- Charles Jackson
7)  Part 7 -- Questions and Answers with the audience and the panel




In case you missed the  MITEF Flagship Program  "The Amazing Houston Success Story - Compaq Computer ...... Interview with Rod Canion"  you can now see the video of  Russ Capper interviewing Rod Canion at the below link.  The program and video taping were made possible and underwritten by Comcast Business.




 The MIT Enterprise Forum/Houston Methodist Research Institute Flagship Program on The Future of Regenerative Medicine -- Advances in Research and Commercialization on April 16 was fabulous.    Dr. John Cooke and  Dr. Appel from the Houston Methodist Research Institute assembled a fantastic panel of experts who gave a great overview of Regenerative Medicine.  The panel also addressed a wide variety of challenging questions from the audience.  You can view the video recording of the program  at  http://methodist.hendrikmvp.com/Media/Details/828 


  The MIT Enterprise Forum Flagship Program on BIG DATA on February 19, 2014 was sold out.  Below is a link to a video of Anthony Goldbloom's overview of the BIG DATA field and some of the new developments.  The program and video taping were made possible and underwritten by MRE Consulting.   




   In case you missed miss the  MITEF Flagship Program  "Visionaries of Social Entrepreneurship" which was broadcast on TV on December 27 at 7:30PM on Channel 8 TV in Houston,   a video of the TV broadcast is posted on our website at https://youtu.be/cVM4G1oXqV8 .  Thank you to our Foundation Event Sponsor, NRG Energy, for making this TV program possible.